Central Coast Portugal

Foz Do Arelho Portugal


[dt_gap height=”10″ /]Central Coast Portugal – Nazare, Peniche, Obidos and Foz Do Alerho

Here are some images from the coastal region in Central Portugal.  We stayed at Nazare, a popular seaside resort at the base of a huge cliff on Portugal’s Silver Coast/Costa De Prata.  This stretch of coastline is a surfing mecca with the famous ‘Suprtubes’ at Peniche and the Big Wave Break at Nazare, click on this video to view a world record 100 foot wave surfed!  Also in the area is the beautiful Roman hilltop town of Obidos, a great place to explore the narrow streets and stop for some local seafood!  the sunset shots are taken at the beautiful lagoon at the coastal town of Foz Do Arelho a great spot for a sundowner!

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