Newborn Photography Cardiff

Only 9 and a half weeks to go baby Chloe was still comfortable inside her Mummy, when we photographed Rachel & Jos for their Maternity Shoot at home and the beach at Llantwit Major!  At 8 days old (having been two weeks late) she was quite lively, definitely not a sleeper, however, very cute and loved being wrapped in a blanket the best.  Rachel was on hand to give regular feeds to keep Chloe calm and so she didn’t mind us moving her about and adding props!  We were very patient as we needed to spend a couple of hours just capturing Chloe when she was napping, though she was very interested in what we were doing, sometimes peering at us through one eye!  It was lovely to involve Jos and to see how tiny she was lying on his arm, we had to be quick though in case she pooped!!!  We are really looking forward to photographing Chloe again and recording her first year with photographs and hopefully them all as a family!

Our style of portrait photography is a mix of documentary photography, unobtrusively capturing fun, moments and personalities at natural locations in and around Cardiff, South Wales.  For a further look at our images of our South Wales, Cardiff Portrait photography, please have a look at our Gallery or other Blog Posts and if you have any questions about our services don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact us.  Also if you would like to arrange your own Family, Child or Couples Portrait Session please email [email protected]


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