Angkor Siem Reap

A short flight from Bangkok takes us to Siem Reap where we were kindly picked up and taken to our hotel the Lotus Blanc Resort.  We had fabulous service here, the manager organised our tuk tuk driver for our trips into Angkor.  We decided on a full day ticket into Angkor which also allowed us an evening sunset the day before entering the park.  The first thing that strikes you when entering the park is the sheer scale of the place, one of the temples we went to was about a 20km drive!  We started our day at about 5am with sunrise at Angkor Wat said to be the worlds largest single religious monument.  Usually sunrise is a quiet serene moment, not here however as it appears half of Siem Reap had the same idea as us!!!  We were a little worried that this would be the order of the day but because of the size of the place we managed to find lots of areas that we virtually had to ourselves.  Here are a few of the images taken and if anyone would like some further reading here’s a link to the wiki website!

We really enjoyed exploring Siem Reap except for the rather tacky ‘Pub Street’ and found some great restaurants.  This is the cool dry season in Cambodia which is great for us as not too hot in the day and a little cool at night.  The roads throughout Cambodia were in quite poor upkeep and very dusty, so we had some interesting bus and tuk tuk rides!

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