Muscat Oman & Bangkok

It was great to catch up with Rob & Emma who kindly did an amazing road trip from Riyadh stopping at Abu Dhabi on the way and way back.  We had an amazing view of Muscat when flying in with the sun rising over the Western Al Hajar Mountains which surround the city.  We visited the very impressive Grand Mosque where in my wisdom I decided to drop my camera and lens on the very hard marble floor – Oops that’s the end of that lens for the trip!!  We had a great walk over a craggy mountain and did a great little road trip to the Bimmah sinkhole and the nearby beaches.  Here are a few pics with some of the demonstration in Bangkok too, which luckily were very peaceful when we were there!

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  1. Super photos giving a flavour of how different Oman is from neighbouring Arab countries with its wonderful mountains. Is that my daughter cartwheeling across the sand ?? Her subtle, understated way of celebrating not having to wear the abaya! That’s my girl!
    M x

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