City Hall Cardiff Wedding Photography

An Asian wedding photographed at Cardiff City Hall.  An Asian wedding is both fascinating to see and photograph.  There are many parts to the ceremony that have to be photographed throughout the day.  This sometimes includes the evening before when all the girls get Henna tattoos.  The day itself started very early with the bride getting ready and being made up in her traditional costume.  We then made our way to the City Hall Cardiff to make sure we were ready for the Grooms arrival ceremony.  The main part of the ceremony then takes place on the stage and Indian Mandap, this part of the ceremony includes many traditional rituals and is equally fascinating.  We did manage to take some bridal portraits at the Civic centre buildings around the City Hall.  One of the most emotional parts of the ceremony is when the bride says goodbye to her family.  This is a real privilege to witness and photograph and really does leave a lump in the throat.  The final part of the ceremony is the bride entering the grooms home with a few much more ‘lighthearted’ rituals.

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