Hue Central Vietnam

To get to Hue (pronounced ‘Hway’) we take an overnight sleeper train from Ninh Binh.  We have the upper two berths in a 4 berth cabin.  Unfortunately, there are two extra small children in ours – JOY!!  To be fair the kids were great and we have a relatively good nights sleep – the toilets however are not so great??  About 13 hours later we arrive in Hue first thing in the morning and greeted by rain – not in the plan!!  A Unesco World Heritage Site, the picturesque city of Hue lies on the Perfume river and was once the imperial capitol of the Nguyen Emperors.  Because of Heu’s central location, very near the border between North & South Vietnam it suffered considerable damage in what the locals describe as the ‘American War’, particularly the Tet Offensive of 1968.  Today, the city is very much a blend of old and new, with the crumbling Citadel Walls and modern sleek Hotels, such as the Midtown Hotel which we were lucky enough to find, this had to be our best value hotel in Vietnam, amazing service!  We have a lazy day exploring the city and Citadel and even find proper coffee at the 5* Best Western Hotel!!  We decide to have a night of luxury and head about an hour South to the Vedana Lagoon Wellness Resort and Spa on the picturesque Tam Giang Lagoon.  We are well and truly spoilt in our Water Bungalow, the bed is absolutely huge and we have a private deck with sunbeds, which we take full advantage of as finally the weather improves!  Each guest has there own bike, so we take them for a spin to explore the nearby fishing village and paddy fields.  We make the most of our stay and have a late checkout. We follow in the footsteps of our forefathers (The Top Gear Boys) and travel further south over the beautiful Hai Van mountain pass into the city of Da Nang And on to Hoi An.

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