Playa de Las Catedrales Galicia

Galicia Northern Spain

We started our wet and windy journey into Galicia on the Northern Cantabric coast in the municipality of Ribadeo.  Here we visited the a beautiful stretch of coastline known as Playa De Las Catedrales, characteristic for it’s natural arches and caves.  We then journeyed over the mountains to the Western Atlantic coastline and stayed on one of the many Rias (a coastal inlet formed by the partial submergence of an unglaciated river valley).  We spent a day exploring the city of Santiago De Compostela, the huge cathedral holds the shrine of St. James which is the destination of the Catholic Pilgrimage the Camino De Santigo.  Many Pilgrims carry on to Cape Finesterre which is the Westernmost point of mainland Spain where they burn their clothes and boots at the end of their journey.  A great area to sample the local seafood!

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